New Year – Same Old Me?

I don’t generally set much store by New Year resolutions.  Several of my friends showed sufficient lack of consideration as to be born in January, so the beginning of the year is still the party season in my diary.  Promises made at this time of year to drink less, eat healthily, exercise more etc are doomed to failure.
And besides, who hasn’t spent a large part of at least one New Year’s Day vowing never to drink again?
However, I do intend to do all of the above-mentioned things but will start later in the year – not the never-arriving “tomorrow” but maybe on the first day of Spring.  Instead of New Year resolutions, I intend to make New Season resolutions – little goals for self-improvement that I only have to keep for three months if the going gets tough.
I also have the longer-term goals of maintaining this blog and enrolling on and starting my hypnotherapy training course, more of which anon.

Why “The Would-Be Hypnotherapist”?

So I’ve finally started a blog. I’ve been planning this for several years, on a variety of subjects.
Four years ago my partner and I moved from Nottinghamshire to the North Northumberland coast with the aim of living an easier, more relaxed lifestyle and I planned to blog about it. However, the process of moving, settling into a new house, finding part-time work, making new friends and also trying to set up an online business left me with no time to waste on blogging.
Next there was my vegetable garden – wouldn’t that be a lovely thing to blog about? Surely people would love to read about my honest labours, picking up cultural tips along the way then sharing in the joys of my harvest and trying out my recipes utilising my produce. Then I harvested my few knobbly carrots, watched my tomatoes develop blossom end rot, lost the battle against cabbage white butterflies and decided that plan was another non-starter.
In Spring 2014 we brought home our two lovely rescue Labradors, Kip and Belle. I was going to blog about them but the joys of falling in love with them, walking them, generally having fun with them and learning all about their differing personalities took up all my blogging time.
In May 2015, I was diagnosed with bowel cancer. Trying to put a positive spin on this news I thought I might blog about my journey from diagnosis to (hopeful) cure. My cancer turned out to be quickly and easily treated by surgery. Not that I’m complaining but two operations punctuated by three months with an ileostomy do not offer much in the way of blogging potential.
However, my brush with cancer, which I laughingly refer to as “my near-death experience” caused me to rethink my priorities. For many years I’ve wanted to train to be a hypnotherapist; this year I’m really going to do it. Hence the title of my blog – “The Would-Be Hypnotherapist”.

Musings on life, labradors and hypnotherapy training from the North Northumberland coast